Saturday, 31 August 2013

August favourites!

Hey guys,
Gosh how quickly is this year going?! This is my first favourites post and I'm hoping they become a regular thing

First up is this Kiko cosmetics BB cream, I was never interested in the hype of BB creams as I like a medium to full coverage and thought this wasn't possible with BBs, I saw this in the Kiko shop in Lucca when we were out there for our wedding, and it was so cheap, think it was around €5... It has a really nice coverage, and amazing smell! This has been a staple item this month.

Next is a cult favourite and I feel no different, the maybelline colour 24hr tattoo's. I love them, both as a base for shadows to go on and as a wash of colour by themselves. This colour is my favourite as it looks great under every colour I've tried and its fab to make a smokey eye look.

I haven't heard a lot of reviews about this maybelline mega plush volum' express mascara (although I'm sure there are plenty out there) I completely bought this on a whim as I usually like maybelline mascara s and it was on offer in my local chemist. I love this mascara though! I'll admit at the beginning I was a bit unsure of the bendy wand but now I adore it, it's fab for daytime lashes, not a clog in sight. I'll still keep my rocket for evening but this is perfect for toned down looks.

I first saw these Nivea lip butters on YouTube amongst various gurus videos, they took a while to come over this way but when I did I snapped this one up, it smells sooooo good!! First of all I thought it was a little heavy and that put me off, however this month I've started using this more and more and it's just brilliant, it gives great moisture and isn't sticky, a definate win.

For the wedding I had bonded hair extensions fitted, they were lovely but would go dry very easily, I wanted them to look their best obviously so I grabbed this Moroccan argan oil by organix in superdrug. Omg it's amazing, just a little drop made my 24inch hair look and feel brilliant. Now I've taken my extensions out but am still using this whenever I wash my hair, it gives it great shine and somehow helps it dry quicker!

Lastly is my favourite tune of the month, I never considered myself a Taylor Swift fan but hearing some of her newer songs I decided to download her newest album. I quickly loved the title track 'Red' this will always remind me of this summer whenever I hear it!

So there we go, this months faves. I'd love it if you could share your favourites in the comments!

Kim xx