Wednesday, 1 May 2013

#BEDM 5 Lines.


So I am taking part in the Blog Every Day in May that the lovely Elizabeth from Rosalilium has come up with, it's an exciting challenge, each day there is a different topic and I'm super excited to see how each blogger interprets it.

Today is 5 Lines, Sum yourself up or introduce yourself in 5 lines,

Ok so I would say I'm a creative person, always thinking of something to do, be it craft, baking, decorating. I can be very obsessive over new finds and then completely lose interest after a few days. I am the mother of 2 furbabies and the sister/adoptive mother of 2 others. We live with my gorgeous fiancé and whom I am marrying in exactly 8 weeks (OMG!) 

Whoop there we go, me in 5 lines!

This is 1 furbaby, Jack.
(Love him to the moon and back!)

Until next time.................. Kimberley xx

P.S you can find other bloggers taking part in #BEDM by using this hashtag on Twitter :)


  1. Hiya!
    I dont know if im creative, but i am also super obsessive about things one minute and then i get over it.. Although sometimes i have to talk myself out of an obsession (like when dexter ends for the season and im distraught at the possibility of a dexter-less 6 months) lol

    Good luck with the rest of the month! Im so excited.. I hope i blog all month!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  2. Haha I know what you mean, I was like that when 'revenge' ended!

    Good luck to you too hun, I'm sure you'll make it :)

    Kimberley xx

  3. Hi Kimberley, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am making my way through as many of the BEDM blogs as I can but there are so many! :)

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!