Friday, 3 May 2013

Day In The Life

Hey, I think everyone should be able to tell what this post is just by the title...yep, day in the life of me!
*Little disclaimer, I was planning this post before #BEDM started so the pics are from a day off I had over half term a few weeks back.

7:00 As always, I start my day with a cup of tea, can't start it any other way! I was trying to go dairy free for a while, but it just doesn't work for me so I am now back to my skimmed milk in the mornings!

7:15 Then brekkie, my go to breakfast for the past few months has been this porridge, I love it :) However with the weather getting a little warmer I may have to switch to something else..

8:00 After all that is consumed I go and make my bed, luckily I got there before the cat this time, although he did manage to get there before I could place all the cushions!

8:30 Then, and I know its my day off, and I'm not going anywhere, but I still need a little glow.. Make up time!

10:00 Normally every Sunday I clean my make up brushes, but we'd had a late one that week so I did it today instead

12:15 Now for a spot of lunch whilst catching up with some of my favourite YouTubers' not healthy I know, but I was dealing with a bit of a hangover!

16:00 FINALLY the delivery I had to wake up super early for arrives..but doesn't it look lovely?!

16:30 Now that I don't have to listen for the door, I can have a bit of a pamper, a nice relaxing bath and face mask is in order!

19:00 Dinner Time!! Nice carb filled meal to try and get me back to normal :S

And I'm sorry guys, but after consuming that massive bowl of pasta I fell asleep on the sofa!!
I know this was not an exciting day at all, maybe one day I'll do a day in the life, when I actually do something in the day!!

Kimberley xx

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