Tuesday, 7 May 2013


So as you probably already know, I have furbabies, and I love them, alot!

I thought to day should be an introduction:

This is Jack (White Westie) and Bellatrix (Chirussel)

Jack is my boy, I have raised him since he was 7 weeks old, he is now 9 and I just adore him more than ever, he is the best big brother to little Bella, and he definitely gives the best hugs in this house!

Bella is technically my mum's however she far prefers me and the fiancé! Since I wasn't working when we got her I was home with her and she basically thinks I'm her mum she's coming up 8 months and is turning into quite the character, as this picture captures perfectly!

This is Poppy (tortieshell) and Frank (Ginger)

Frank is our baby, him and my fiancé have this bond like no other! We definitely spoil him and snuggle every chance we get, he came very close to dying on his first birthday, how he survived I'll never know, so I think we definitely compensate for nearly losing him.

Poppy is again, my mums, and trust me she only takes notice of her! the only thing I'm good for is having a nice warm sky box that she sleeps on! She has the prettiest face which she always hides from the camera, and certainly knows how to put Frank in his place!

There we go, our beautiful furries, god, just writing this makes me want to go and squeeze them all!!

Until next time.................... Kimberley xx

p.s just to leave you with a little baby pic of Frank 
Wasn't he just the cutest kitty?!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

5 favourite blogs

I'm so glad that today's #BEDM topic is 5 favourite bloggers, considering most blog readers are also blog owners I think it's very important that we share the love!

So in no particular order here are my 5:

Thoroughlyenglish Bess's blog is a wonderful lifestyle blog, full of the most amazing recipe's!!

Blueoctoberblog Lizzie's is another lifestyle blog that I adore, her Wednesday wants are always dangerous for the debit card...!

Organizedjen Jen is someone that I started watching on YouTube way before she even started her blog, the blog is a great round up of everything she has on YT from her organisation tips (great for the OCD in me) to her beauty routines.

Tattooedtealady Omg, I just love her blog, it's more beauty based than the others and so great at information about the latest releases. I like how here reviews are always honest, and my god I envy her make up collection!

Belle Du Brighton I love Lauren's blog, hers was one of the first 'lifestyle' ones that I came across, her pictures are always amazing and again, recipe's are amaze!

So there is my round up, I have to say whittling it down to 5 was a little tricky!

And now I leave you with a beautiful quote...

unknown source

Until next time................ Kimberley xx

Friday, 3 May 2013

Day In The Life

Hey, I think everyone should be able to tell what this post is just by the title...yep, day in the life of me!
*Little disclaimer, I was planning this post before #BEDM started so the pics are from a day off I had over half term a few weeks back.

7:00 As always, I start my day with a cup of tea, can't start it any other way! I was trying to go dairy free for a while, but it just doesn't work for me so I am now back to my skimmed milk in the mornings!

7:15 Then brekkie, my go to breakfast for the past few months has been this porridge, I love it :) However with the weather getting a little warmer I may have to switch to something else..

8:00 After all that is consumed I go and make my bed, luckily I got there before the cat this time, although he did manage to get there before I could place all the cushions!

8:30 Then, and I know its my day off, and I'm not going anywhere, but I still need a little glow.. Make up time!

10:00 Normally every Sunday I clean my make up brushes, but we'd had a late one that week so I did it today instead

12:15 Now for a spot of lunch whilst catching up with some of my favourite YouTubers' not healthy I know, but I was dealing with a bit of a hangover!

16:00 FINALLY the delivery I had to wake up super early for arrives..but doesn't it look lovely?!

16:30 Now that I don't have to listen for the door, I can have a bit of a pamper, a nice relaxing bath and face mask is in order!

19:00 Dinner Time!! Nice carb filled meal to try and get me back to normal :S

And I'm sorry guys, but after consuming that massive bowl of pasta I fell asleep on the sofa!!
I know this was not an exciting day at all, maybe one day I'll do a day in the life, when I actually do something in the day!!

Kimberley xx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Spring is here.

Hey guys,

I thank the lord that Spring appears to be here, finally. Well apart from a few miserable days, anyone else get that random hail storm at the weekend?

Anyway today I'm sharing my favourite things of spring,

First off, I love the colours, pastels are everywhere, clothes, flowers even make up.

And I get to use this again

The cherry blossom scent from Yankee Candle is basically spring in a jar, I'm so annoyed that it's not available any more, luckily I have some left from last year, but I may have to do an eBay search to find some more!

I'm so excited for spring to kick in a little more, I just can't wait to walk the dogs without wearing my wellies and having picnic's without the wind blowing everything all over the place!

I would love to hear every ones favourite things about this season?

Until next time......................... Kim xx

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

#BEDM 5 Lines.


So I am taking part in the Blog Every Day in May that the lovely Elizabeth from Rosalilium has come up with, it's an exciting challenge, each day there is a different topic and I'm super excited to see how each blogger interprets it.

Today is 5 Lines, Sum yourself up or introduce yourself in 5 lines,

Ok so I would say I'm a creative person, always thinking of something to do, be it craft, baking, decorating. I can be very obsessive over new finds and then completely lose interest after a few days. I am the mother of 2 furbabies and the sister/adoptive mother of 2 others. We live with my gorgeous fiancé and whom I am marrying in exactly 8 weeks (OMG!) 

Whoop there we go, me in 5 lines!

This is 1 furbaby, Jack.
(Love him to the moon and back!)

Until next time.................. Kimberley xx

P.S you can find other bloggers taking part in #BEDM by using this hashtag on Twitter :)