Saturday, 4 May 2013

5 favourite blogs

I'm so glad that today's #BEDM topic is 5 favourite bloggers, considering most blog readers are also blog owners I think it's very important that we share the love!

So in no particular order here are my 5:

Thoroughlyenglish Bess's blog is a wonderful lifestyle blog, full of the most amazing recipe's!!

Blueoctoberblog Lizzie's is another lifestyle blog that I adore, her Wednesday wants are always dangerous for the debit card...!

Organizedjen Jen is someone that I started watching on YouTube way before she even started her blog, the blog is a great round up of everything she has on YT from her organisation tips (great for the OCD in me) to her beauty routines.

Tattooedtealady Omg, I just love her blog, it's more beauty based than the others and so great at information about the latest releases. I like how here reviews are always honest, and my god I envy her make up collection!

Belle Du Brighton I love Lauren's blog, hers was one of the first 'lifestyle' ones that I came across, her pictures are always amazing and again, recipe's are amaze!

So there is my round up, I have to say whittling it down to 5 was a little tricky!

And now I leave you with a beautiful quote...

unknown source

Until next time................ Kimberley xx

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