Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Laundry love.

Hey guys,

I am a complete addict of to-do lists, and schedules, I love knowing what I need to accomplish that day and when by.
Yes, some may say that's a little sad, but it certainly helps my days go smoother!

One thing that I need to schedule is my house chores, and I need to do that or they just won't get done, I have been on and off ill the past few weeks, and one major area that suffered is our laundry, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will have seen a few days ago I posted a pic of our laundry situation.

Dire right?! The worst is, I still had another full laundry basket waiting as well! (please tell me that it's not only me this happens to??!)
I used to follow flylady's routine, of 'a load a day, keeps chaos away' and it worked, I would get up every weekday and put a load of laundry on before work, however, I now have a job that starts a lot earlier and to be honest, I don't really fancy getting up at 5 just so I can put on some laundry!
As much as I dislike the earlier mornings, it does mean I finish earlier, much earlier in fact.

I have had a sit down and devised a schedule that I'm going to trial for 3 weeks and see how it works out.

So, there are a few days that I just cannot schedule anything else in, but I think it'll still work as I can easily do 2 loads when I get home on the days that I have scheduled in.

Tuesdays - Towels and linens, by linens I mean and blankets that may need a wash, tea towels, cushion covers if needed etc

Thursdays - Clothes, pretty self explanatory!

Fridays - Bedding, I love putting clean bedding on for the weekend!

Weekend - Work clothes, basically any clothes we need before the wash on thursday, (Mainly thinking of the Fiance here!)

I think that should work out well, but like I said I'll give it a trial :)

I would love to hear about how you guys tackle the laundry mountain!

Until next time ..... Kimberley xx

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